SFB Seminar: Dr. Massimo Degano

Zeit : Donnerstag , 16:00 - 17:00
Ort : Room 2609/10 (Medical Building),

Speaker:  Massimo Degano
DIBIT Fondazione San Raffaele
Milan, Italy

Topic:  TBA

Host:  Hassan Jumaa


"The research in my lab aims at establishing the structure-function relationship of disease-relevant biological macromolecules. Our approach is to integrate the information from high resolution structures of proteins obtained using x-ray crystallography with other techniques, ranging from molecular biology to biochemistry and in silico calculations. Our ultimate goal is to fully understand how the structure of a protein mediates its function, and how their activity is linked to human diseases. Applications of our research are relevant to cancer, autoimmune and genetic diseases, as well as for the design of specific drugs against foreign pathogens."