Wissenschaftliche Herausforderungen: Der Apollo-Bordcomputer

The first human flight to moon was a historic challenge in science and engineering. We will discuss several aspects of the Apollo Program:

  • A modern adventure: The flight to the moon
  • Introduction to space flight
  • Guidance and navigation
  • The Apollo Guidance Computer: Hardware
  • The Apollo Guidance Computer: Software

In this seminar the students will learn about the challenges of scientific work. Using an example from history, the course gives an introduction on how today’s knowledge was created by enthusiastic scientists, researchers, and engineers. The first human flight to the moon is considered as an example. The students learn that the design of a complex technical product is not easy and that design decisions made in history are not as simple as they look from today’s perspective. Additionally the students learn how to fly to the moon and how manned spacecraft can be navigated in space.


  • David Mindell: Digital Apollo, Human and Machine in Spaceflight, 2011
  • David Woods: How Apollo flew to the Moon, 2011
  • Frank O'Brien: The Apollo Guidance Computer, Architecture and Operation, 2010