Decentralized power control and management between the utility grid and the microgrid using series transformerless H-bridge inverter.


Since October. 2014: DAAD PhD scholar at the institute of Energy Conversion and Storage, University of Ulm, Germany.

                                   Major Tasks:
                                           - Development of power generation control method based P/V droop
                                              characteristic for the microgrid DGs in time domain.
                                            - Development of power control strategy of the series transformerless
                                               H-bridge inverter as a series power flow controller between the
                                               microgrid and the utility in time domain.
                                            - Validation of the proposed approaches in frequency domain using
                                               overall power flow algorithm and optimization functions.
                                            - Investigation of the islanding and resynchronization process in case
                                               of short circuit events.


2011-2013:                  Master of Science in Electrical Power Engineering at Yarmouk University, Jordan.

                                    Master Thesis Title “Impact of Integration of FACTS Devices on Wind Farm
                                    Connected to Medium Voltage Grid under Healthy and Faulty Conditions”
2004-2009:                 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering-Power and Control at Mutah
                                    University, Jordan



 -        10/2011 – 12/2012, Teacher Assistant at Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology
           at Yarmouk University, Jordan.


 -        04.2010 – 10.2010, Substations Maintenance and Testing Engineer
           at National Electric Power Company (NEPCO), Jordan.



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