NANOTEC (European FP7 project on NANOstructured materials and RF-MEMS RFIC/MMIC TEChnologies for highly adaptive and reliable RF systems)

RF communication and remote sensing (radar/radiometric) systems are facing the demands of increasing complexity/number of frequency bands, increased bandwidths and higher frequencies for higher data throughput, while at the same time the power consumption, the form factor of the systems, and the overall system costs must decrease. Future smart micro-/mm-wave systems will have to achieve self-reconfigurable operations for real-time efficient self-optimization of their performance. For such adaptive systems, high-performance tuning/switching components and strategies for building monolithically integrated (miniaturized) reconfigurable active RF circuits and front-ends are needed. The NANOTEC project aims to generate innovative approaches towards novel RF/mm-wave systems with increased functionality and potentially lower cost addressing future needs of European industry.
Within this project, the EBS institute is involved in the following research and development activities:
•    Design of X-band RF components for a wake vortex radar frontend
•    Design of 94 GHz receiver for a passive imaging Dicke radiometer
•    Design of key RF building blocks for a 140 GHz FMCW MIMO radar system

List of selected references:
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