AMICOM is the European Network of Excellence for RF MEMS and RF Microsystems, funded by the European Commission under its 6th framework program. The acronym stands for "Advanced MEMS for RF and Millimeter Wave Communication". The project started on January 1, 2004.

The most important network objectives are:

  • Merging MEMS technologies with IC technologies to get advanced microsystems with the capability to operate over very broad frequency ranges

  • Stimulating collaboration in the following fields: fabrication technologies, materials, electromagnetics, mechanics, thermal and electrical modelling, characterisation, packaging and reliability

  • Integrating isolated competences from around Europe, providing knowledge access to an Industrial User Club (to be created by the network partners together with the industry, persisting well after the period funded by the European Commission) and creating research and fabrication knowledge ready to compete on a global scale.

The University of Ulm, one of 27 partners in the network, hosts part of the Executive Office. Further partners of this distributed resource are LAAS-CNRS in Toulouse, France and University of Perugia in Perugia, Italy.

The group implements and manages the joint knowledge base. Therefore the AMICOM web site - and the databases as its main part - is hosted here (

The joint knowledge base expresses itself in the sections:

Patents; the patent database is accessible only for registered users and contains patents granted to network partners.

Non-patented proprietary knowledge; this section also accessible only for registered users contains 11 different databases as resources for sharing unprotected proprietary knowledge within the network, for example knowledge affecting the reliability and operability of RF MEMS in the “Failure Mode” database. This section also provides space in repositories for very specific information e.g. results from “multi-project wafer runs” or information targeted to research efforts in network initiated North Star Projects (NSP).

Public knowledge; this section is visible also for anonymous users and third parties and provides the publications database collecting scientific contributions from network partners to journals and conferences. In addition, recently, the AMICOM Open Platform was started as a public distribution channel for information on RF MEMS, RF Microsystems and network activities, based on the MediaWiki software (

Our group also contributes to RF MEMS technology with a special process based on diamond thin films, and to the development of RF microsystems through characterization, model development, and circuit design.

The AMICOM project was successfully concluded after the 4th Review Meeting in November 2007.