The aim of this work is to develop a bistable, electrothermally driven RF micro switch [1] for hybrid integration into a variety of substrates. It is based on a diamond-on-silicon technology and consists of two parts, namely a pre-stressed diamond micro bridge actuator in a silicon frame containing a signal contact in the centre and a base plate possessing a coplanar waveguide. The assembly of both parts is realized by soldering copper pads located on the actuator onto pads on the base plate [2], which e.g. can be a coplanar line on a low loss substrate. Intrinsic compressive stress in the diamond actuator, which is a double suspended beam, leads to a buckling into two possible stable states. Switching between these two positions is achieved by means of a thermally driven bimetallic pair consisting of diamond and nickel, which is placed on the actuator part. Fig. 1 shows a schematic view of the complete system.

The work includes design, simulation, fabrication and characterisation of the device.The following details are investigated:

  • mechanical simulation
  • fabrication technology
  • hybrid integration
  • transient behaviour
  • RF performance

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