Characterization, Simulation and Optimization of AlGaN/GaN HFETs for high power RF applications

Project Partner: United Monolithic Semiconductors GmbH, Ulm


Wide band gab semiconductor devices on the basis of GaN are the most promising devices for high power applications. The very high breakdown voltages up to several hundreds of volts allow the operation at very high power with a power added efficiency of more than 60% for class AB operation.

GaN-based HFETs have been under development for 15 years, but their physics is still not fully understood. The technology and epitaxy are still challenging topics during the development of GaN HFETs. Especially the influence on breakdown voltage, leakage currents and device reliability are major points of interest. Therefore it is necessary to get a better understanding of the device physics and degradation mechanisms and the impact of technological processes and modifications on them. Detailed electrical and thermal characterization and physical based TCAD simulations improve the understanding of the device physics while small-signal and large-signal modelling show the technological impact on the RF performance of the device and form the basis for the design of GaN-based MMICs.