Project acronym RARPA stands for Reflectarrays and Reconfigurable Printed Antennas. It is one of the North-Star Projects, launched by the European Network of Excellence AMICOM (www.amicom.info). The task of our group is to design MEMS phase shifters to be integrated into a phased-array or a reflectarray to make beam-steerable antennas.

The MEMS (Micro Electromechanical System) technology is provided by the Fraunhofer Institute of Silicon Technology (ISiT), Itzehoe, Germany. This is a surface-micromachining technology with Ti/Pt/Au/Pt underpass, AlN and SiN as dielectric layers, Au/Ni/Au MEMS membranes and Au for metallization. An example MEMS phase shifter designed within RARPA is shown in the microphotograph.

If you would like to get more information on MEMS activities at our department, please contact Tatyana Purtova (tatyana.purtova@uni-ulm.de)