ReRaFe : Reconfigurable Radio Front-End

ReRaFe is a North Star Project of the European Network of Excellence AMICOM, designed to stimulate meaningful research cooperation in the European RF MEMS and RF Microsystems community.

The main goal of the ReRaFe project is the integration of a single radio front-end that supports three standards (DCS1800, WLAN 5.2GHz, UMTS 2.2GHz) with different requirements. The system architecture is shown in Fig. 1. 

NA and power amplifier highlighted in the block diagram is the task of University of Ulm, which collaborates closely with Middle Eastern Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, who designs the MEMS matching circuits, and with the Inter-University Microelectronics Center (IMEC), Leuven, Belgium, who will perform the system integration.

Fig.1: ReRaFe System Architecture