Room: 45.2.103

Time: 16.15


October 19:
Iancu Somesanu, trial presentation for NORCAS
(Alternatively H. Schumacher, presentation from Electronics Based Systems, Graz)

October 26:
Heba Abdeen: Impressions from European Microwave Week

November 2:
H. Schumacher: Impressions from Electronics Based Systems

November 16:
Iancu Somesanu: Impressions from NORCAS

November 23:
Filipe Tabarani: Impressions from BCTM

December 7:
Heba Abdeen: Research Progress Report

December 14:

January 11:
A. Trasser:  Sicherheitseinweisung

January 18:
Iancu Somesanu: Research Progress Report

Heba Abdeen: Research Progress Report

January 25:
Filipe Tabarani:  Final Results of the System-on-Chip for K/Ka-Band Satelllite Communication Transmit-Receive Active Phased Arrays

Max Spiess: Final Presentation

February 1:
Huban Ahmed: Seminar Presentation

February 8:
S. Hettich: Lab procedures update

February 15:
H. Schumacher, Safety Instructions