Functional Nanostructures and Devices

The seminar is limited to 12 people and a pre-registration is required (e-mail to Prof. S. Strehle). The course language is English.

The seminar covers current aspects of nanostructure synthesis and device fabrication with emphasis to the ongoing research projects, e.g.:

  • bottom-up synthesis of nanowires
  • microfabrication techniques
  • nanomaterial characterization
  • simulation
  • device fabication
  • integration of nanostructures

Persons in charge / Lecturer:
Jun.-Prof. S. Strehle

45.2.231; Friday 9:00 am
exact dates will be e-mailed to the registered students

Course duration/hours 1 SWS

no ECTS at the moment


limited to 12 participants; pre-registration required