Project - Radio Frequency Electronics -ENGB 8022


The objective will be to design and implement a low-cost front-end for software defined radio on shortwave, e.g. allowing you to receive DRM broadcasts on your laptop.

Necessary prerequisites are:

RF Engineering and advantageously also Monolithic Microwave ICs and/or High-Frequency Microsystems.


Lecture Schedule:

The course "Project - Radio Frequency Electronics" is targeted to the "International M.Sc. Course on Communications Technology". The students (especially from the third semester) will get information in time by e-mail.




Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Schumacher

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Trasser

Wann & Wo

Start:      summer term + winter term

Umfang / Credits

SWS:               1V + 1P

Credit Points:  5