Data-centric Approaches to Business Process Management: Fundamental Concepts, Tool Support, Open Challenges

Universität Ulm

Invited Keynote Presentation

BPMDS'18 & EMMSAD'18 Working Conferences (in connection with CAiSE'18);

Manfred Reichert, Tallinn, Estonia, 11 June 2018, 9:15 AM"

The increasing importance of data in the automation of business processes has led to the emergence of data-centric process support paradigms, e.g., artifact-centric, object-aware, and data-driven approaches. By focusing on data instead of activities, respective approaches differ significantly from the widely used activity-centric paradigm, aiming at the support of data-intensive processes as well as an increased process flexibility. In particular, the progress of a data-centric process depends on the availability of data rather than on the completion of activities. Moreover, the focus has shifted away from large, monolithic processes towards the use of rather small processes (e.g., object lifecyces), which need to interact and collaborate in order to reach a common business goal. The objective of this keynote presentation is to provide profound insights into the fundamental concepts and features of data-centric approaches as well as their maturity. Moreover, it will discuss some of the open challenges that need to be tackled when applying data-centric approaches in the large scale and along the entire process lifecycle.