Mobile Crowd Sensing Services for Chronic Diseases and Patient Feedback

Universität Ulm

Cognitive Systems Colloquium Series, Rüdiger Pryss & Winfried Schlee, Ort: 47.0501, Datum: 07.12.2017, Zeit: 17:15 Uhr

Assessment of chronic disorders requires new ways of data collection compared to the traditional pen & paper based approaches. In general, for many individuals suffering from a chronic disorder their symptoms vary over time. Currently, established assessment methods neither systematically assess this moment-to-moment variability nor environmental factors having an effect on many chronic disorders. However, information of individual fluctuations and the effect of environmental factors might represent important information for a more individualized treatments. In this context, a promising approach for collecting ecological valid longitudinal datasets at rather low costs is mobile crowdsensing. In the TrackYourTinnitus project, we developed an advanced mobile crowdsensing platform to reveal more detailed information about the course of tinnitus over time. In this talk, we report on two results of the TrackYourTinnitus project. First, we present results on prospective reports vs. retrospective ratings of tinnitus variability and tinnitus-stress associations. In general, only little is known to what degree such retrospective reports reflect the actual experiences made in daily life. Second, we present our patient feedback services. These feedback functions shall help the patient to demystify the tinnitus and to get better control of it, which should facilitate coping with this chronic health condition. Altogether, our results indicate that mobile crowdsensing services offer promising perspectives for disorder management and clinical research.