Conception and Realisation of Mobile Serious Games for learning support in biochemistry with the Android operating system

Universität Ulm

BA Abschlussvortrag, Annalisa Degenhard, Ort: O27/5202, Datum: 24.01.2020, Zeit: 15:00 Uhr

Productive learning is a difficult task as there are numerous factors, which can lead to
a lack of efficiency or effectiveness. A not uncommon problem is to learn the wrong
learning content. This effects not only a massive lack in effectiveness, but also causes
frustration of the learner. The students of biochemistry at the university of Ulm have
struggled increasingly with this problem. Their studies include three main exams, where
each of them tests a certain part of a set of above five thousand questions. But the
identification of the right set causes uncertainties. As a result, students have
increasingly learned the whole set of questions to ensure having learned all relevant
content. This bachelor thesis has the goal to develop an android application which helps
the students to learn the right questions, by providing only the relevant ones for the
pending exam. Furthermore, the students shall be motivated through gamification elements
as achievements and experience points in combination with reminders, to learn in a more
constant manner. To achieve this goal, necessary question filters have been used, to fix
the issue of selecting the right questions. The usage of four different test types allow
the user to create individual tests which supports targeted learning and, therefore the
creation of the best possible substitute for other learning methods. In addition to this,
the integration of questions about basic knowledge has been implemented, to support a
deeper understanding of the content. Progress overviews and experience points, have been
chosen to achieve the goal of enabling the user to track his progress of preparation at
any time. This allows a more anticipatory learning manner. Training goals in combination
with rewards for keeping on track and reminders are used to ensure constant practicing.
The integration of achievements complete the range of gamification motivators by adding
additional incentives to learn. In case of success, this project will increase both,
effectiveness and efficacy of the preparation for the exams and therefore enhance their