Design and Implementation of a Platform Enabling Guided Internet and Mobile-based Interventions

Universität Ulm

MA Abschlussvortrag, Tran Bao Dat Nguyen, Ort: O27/545, Datum: 17.03.2020, Zeit: 11:15 Uhr

Internet intervention is a field that gained widespread recognition among researchers specializing in Internet-based health services. With regard to the growing ownership of mobile end-user devices, Internet interventions can integrate new technological features of mobile devices to complement and offer an alternative treatment approach to traditional face-to-face therapy. Although current researches aim to deliver health services that model Internet interventions on traditional therapies, the lack of flexibility and adaptability to change in health during an Internet-based treatment poses some challenges for the therapist. Further, the implemented therapist support is often limited to communication channels such as email, phone calls or SMS. In the research context of this thesis, only two closed sourced software, which are specified in delivering customizable Internet interventions, are found. Therefore, this thesis copes with the shortcomings of current platforms implementing therapist support in Internet interventions by introducing a generic concept that enhances guidance on web platforms delivering Internet- and web-based interventions. Starting with an introduction of Internet intervention, this work gives insight into the current state of the art. Following by requirements derived from two existing platforms Minddistrict and Iterapi, components and services, that are needed to develop medical software, are explained. The concept contains three distinct elements that are described in the chapter. Finally, a prototype is implemented to prove the feasibility and identify challenges regarding the integration of the concept. By reviewing the future development, this thesis also mentions which topics can be embedded into the system and enhances the concept of guidance.