Design and Implementation of a Tool for Analyzing Software Architecture of Platform Level

Universität Ulm

BA Abschlussvortrag, Minh Duc Duong, Datum: 31.03.2020, Zeit: 12:00

Self-contained Systems is an approach for distributed systems which divides a software system into several independent systems. This architectural style is a variant of microservices and, like microservices, offers high decoupling, independent provisioning, and easy maintenance. However, in addition to the advantages, this approach also brings new challenges. On the one hand, it increases the complexity of the infrastructure and, on the other hand, it decreases the transparency of communication between individual systems or services. It is essential to keep track of which systems or services communicate with each other and which communication channels - namely application programming interfaces (APIs) - are provided by individual systems or services. For this reason, this thesis develops an application that analyzes a digital platform for its communication between its web applications. The application uses information from log files to determine the communication of the web applications and the APIs used. The application is limited to the log files of intermediaries such as proxies or message-oriented middleware that switch between web applications. At test level, the application – which forms a first basis for the analysis of distributed systems – was successfully deployed on a digital platform with 28 web applications.