Development and Evaluation of a Virtual Reality-Based Car Configuration Human-Computer Interaction Concept

Universität Ulm

MA Abschlussvortrag, Marcus Korinth, Ort: O27/5202, Datum: 26.07.2018, Zeit: 09:30 Uhr

The Daimler AG provided a peek preview towards the individualization of interior trim parts at the International Motor Show in September 2017, named unleash the colour. At the show a tablet computer has been used for the purpose of configuration. The results could either be previewed directly on the tablet computer or experienced in virtual reality. The process of configuration however is an iterative, often repeated one. This will result in a continuously occurring context switch, which will eventually lead to an embittered perceived user experience and usability. Therefore, the configuration process has to be integrated into the virtual reality application, for which especially the development of a human-computer interaction concept is required. The developed concept, named Xconcept, draws upon various fundamentals and state of the art approaches involved in this task. Inferred by the target group and stated objectives the Xconcept focused especially on the perceived usability and user experience which should preferably be independent of age, sex or previous virtual reality experiences. The Xconcept therefore incorporated a hand-based approach while focusing on natural interaction, following the common interaction archetypes. Furthermore, is the concept featuring the use of a hand menu and a world-in-miniature. The in terms of the evaluation conducted study explored the two within this thesis stated research questions, of which several hypotheses had been inferred: (A) “Will the overall user experience and usability of the Xconcept be perceived as positive?”, and (B) “Is the perceived user experience and usability of the Xconcept independent of age, sex and previous
experience with virtual reality?”. Although the statistical data analysis revealed that with rising age, the rating of the Xconcept deteriorates, the overall user experience and usability has been rated above average on the respective scales and therefore positive. Sex and previous experience with virtual reality however had no effect on the rating.