Mining Causal Relations to automate Business Process Enhancement

Universität Ulm

MA Abschlussvortrag, Daniel Walther, Ort: WebEx, Datum: 03.06.2020, Zeit: 14:00 Uhr

The purpose of this thesis is to identify the root causes of a missed cash discount based on a purchase-to-pay process to facilitate the automation of business process improvement. Previously this was a manual activity. To achieve this, the aPriori algorithm is applied to a data matrix created from SAP raw data in order to automatically identify frequent rules and root causes of missed discounts. The thesis demonstrates that the presented concept of using the aPriori algorithm to identify the root causes of a missed discount has been successfully developed. Based on the presented results, the concept can be extended by a variety of use cases, the inclusion of customer-specific analyses or even workflow functionality that proactively indicates suboptimal user activities.