Mitorganisation AIH 2018 - Joint Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Health

Universität Ulm

Manfred Reichert vom Institut für Datenbanken und Informationssysteme (DBIS) war Co-Organisator des Joint Workshop on AI in Health (AIH‘18), der  im Kontext der IJCAI‘18 & ECAI‘18 Konferenzen am 13. Juli 2018 in Stockholm stattfand. 

Hintergrund (in Englisch)

The Joint Workshop on AI in Health (AIH) consolidated the CARE, KRH4C & ProHealth, and AI4HC workshops and aimed to discuss AI technologies with medical applications. The AIH tracks covered topics like agents in healthcare, data science and decision systems in medicine, and knowledge & process management in healthcare. Overal AIH 2018 provided a discussion forum for the most recent and innovative work on the study and application of AI technologies in compelling healthcare scenarios. The presented works covered a wide spectrum of applications, from those aiming to ease and support healthcare professionals’ work to those devoted to improving patients’ lives.