Stefan Götz


3.   Stefan Götz
      Exploiting Dependent Types for Representing Graph-Constraints
      Master Thesis
      Ulm University,
      October 2018

2.   Kögel, Stefan; Tichy, Matthias; Groner, Raffaela; Stegmaier, Michael; Götz, Stefan;
      Rechenberger, Sascha
      Developing an Optimizing Compiler for the Game Boy as a Software Engineering

      Software Engineering Education and Training Track of the 40th International
      Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE SEET 2018), Gothenburg, Sweden,
      May 2018
      DOI: 10.1145/3183377.3183388

1.   Stefan Götz
      Evaluating Programming Languages for the Telecom Domain
      Bachelor Thesis
      Ulm University,
      October 2016

Research Interests

  • Functional Programming (Idris, Haskell)
  • Type-Theory
  • Model Driven Software Engineering (MDSD/MDSE)
  • Model Transformations
  • Language Design