Springer Book

Spoken Dialogue Systems Technology and Design

Wolfgang Minker, Gary Geunbae Lee, Joseph Mariani, Satoshi Nakamura, Eds., 2010.

The book will cover all key topics in the field of Spoken language dialogue interaction from a variety of leading researchers. It will bring together several perspectives in the areas of corpus annotation and analysis, dialogue system construction, as well as theoretical perspectives on communicative intention, context-based generation, and modelling of discourse structure.  These topic areas are all part of the general research and development within the area of discourse and dialogue with an emphasis on dialogue systems; corpora and corpus tools and semantic and pragmatic modelling of discourse and dialogue.

The published text material will be taken and adapted from the International Workshop on Spoken Dialogue Systems Technology (IWSDS09) at Kloster Irsee where the latest formal, corpus-based, implementational and analytical work on discourse and dialogue have been discussed among researchers and developers in the area, from both industry and academia. The IWSDS workshop series (former Tutorial and Research Workshop Series at Kloster Irsee) provides since 1999 a regular forum for the presentation of research in the discourse and dialogue area to both the larger Spoken Dialogue Systems community as well as to researchers outside this community.