Lehrveranstaltungen Wintersemester 2016 / 2017




  • Seminar Advances in Artificial Intelligence
    S. Biundo-Stephan und Mitarbeiter
  • Seminar Artificial Companions
    S. Biundo-Stephan und Mitarbeiter
  • Sex and Gender in Human-Technology-Interaction
    Dr. Elisabeth Oberzaucher
    In a mixture of theoretical input and practical work students will learn to apply theoretical concepts to practical solutions. They will be familiarised with the basics of methodologies in research in human-technology-interaction and learn how to design, conduct, interpret and apply studies in this field. A core element of this module will be the acquisition of skills required for appropriate use of language and tools in sex and gender research. They will be introduced to the requirements for interdisciplinary collaborations, and learn how cross-disciplinary research can answer questions and advise design for all.