[Vorlesung WS17/18] Cognitive Systems I

Universität Ulm

Mo 12-14

Do 14-16


Learning Objectives


The students can describe the core research topics of cognitive systems
and apply the fundamental methodological concepts including experimental
investigations. They can further list research and application-related questions
concerning the different topics of cognitive systems research from different
perspectives (i.e., empirical, modeling, and technical). Even further, the students
can discuss specific aspects of detailed structure and function of cognitive
systems and develop solutions for different sample questions.

Syllabus The course program provides a first rigorous overview of topics introducing the
field of Cognitive Systems. The topics are organized along the following areas and
a general presentation of methodological and technical core principles:
• Fundamentals - introduction and models
• Basic methodology and technology
• Perception and cognition
Active Time: 60h
Preparation and Evaluation: 120h
Sum: 180h
Dozenten Prof. Dr. Heiko Neumann
Prof. Dr. Marc Oliver Ernst
Prof. Dr. Tina Seufert
Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniel Braun