Belt: An Unobtrusive Touch Input Device for Head-worn Displays

Belt is a novel unobtrusive input device for wearable displays that incorporates a touch surface encircling the user’s hip. The wide input space is leveraged for a horizontal spatial mapping of quickly accessible information and applications. We discuss social implications and interaction capabilities for unobtrusive touch input and present our hardware implementation and a set of applications that benefit from the quick access time. In a qual- itative user study with 14 participants we found out that for short interactions (2-4 seconds), most of the surface area is considered as appropriate input space, while for longer interactions (up to 10 seconds), the front areas above the trouser pockets are preferred.

Implementation and User Study

Left: Subtle user input with the thumb. Right: Opening a digital wallet application. Shortcuts can be placed anywhere around the touch surface.
Inside Belt (without paling woven fabric): a) battery to power all modules and one of six touch sensing units each consisting of b) four touch sensor boards, c) Arduino and d) a Bluetooth low energy module.
Level of perceived social acceptance in which participants felt comfortable interacting in public on a 5-point Likert scale (from 1 – very uncomfortable to 5 – not uncomfortable at all).




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