CircularSelection: Optimizing List Selection for Smartwatches

As the availability of smartwatches advances, small round touch- screens are increasingly used. Until recently, round touchscreens were rather uncommon, and so most current user interfaces for small round touchscreens are still based on rectangular interface designs. Adjusting these standard rectangular interfaces to round touchscreens without loosing content comes with loss of pre- cious display space. To overcome this issue for list interfaces, we introduce CircularSelection. CircularSelection is a list selec- tion interface especially designed for small round touchscreens. CircularSelection consists of a ring aligned to the edge of the touchscreen. On that ring, categories of list entries can be prese- lected. The selected categorie’s entries are displayed in the middle of said ring, and can be selected with a tab. In this paper, we explore the design space of CircularSelection by conducting a user study (n = 24) examining its dimensions. We further com- pare CircularSelection to a traditional smartwatch list selection interface in a second user study (n = 15). Our results clearly show that CircularSelection outperforms traditional smartwatch list in- terfaces in terms of user preference as well as task completion time (up to 66% faster for large lists and 45% for small lists). 



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Plaumann, Katrin; Müller, Michael; Rukzio, Enrico Circular Selection: Optimizing List Selection for Smartwatches In Proc. of ISWC 2016 (International Symposium on Wearable Computers), September 2016