Solving Conflicts for Multi User Mid-Air Gestures for TVs

In recent years, mid-air gestures have become a feasible input modality for controlling and manipulating digital content. In case of controlling TVs, mid-air gestures eliminate the need to hold remote controls, which quite often are not at hand or even need to be searched before use. Thus, mid-air gestures quicken interactions. However, the absence of a single controller and the nature of mid-air gesture detection also poses a disadvantage: gestures preformed by multiple watchers may result in conflicts. In this paper, we propose an interaction technique solving the conflicts arising in such multi viewer scenarios. We conducted a survey with 64 participants, asking them about their TV viewing habits, experienced conflicts and opinions on conflict solving strategies. Based on the survey’s results, we present a prototype for multi viewer gestural controls for TVs which solves possible conflicts. 


Katrin Plaumann

Enrico Rukzio


Plaumann, Katrin; Lehr, David; Rukzio, Enrico Who Has the Force? Solving Conflicts for Multi User Mid-Air Gestures for TVs In Proc. of TVX 2016 (ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television and Online Video), Juni 2016