Dr. Pedro Hermosilla Casajus

Pedro Hermosilla Casajus obtained his PhD in Computing from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in 2017. Throughout the development of his thesis, Advanced inspection techniques for molecular simulations, he developed new techniques to improve both speed and quality of the most commonly used molecular representation methods. Moreover, he developed a new tool to provide insight into the underlying forces which drive molecular simulations. 

In September 2017 he joined the Visual Computing group in Ulm as a PostDoc, where he is currently working on Point Cloud processing and Machine Learning techniques applied to Computer Graphics

Research interests

  • Computer Graphics
  • Machine Learning
  • Point Cloud processing
  • Scientific Visualization


At the moment, I am giving the following lectures:

Open Topics for Theses

I offer different thesis topics related to Machine Learning applied to Computer Graphics. If you are interested in writing a thesis on one of these topics, write me an email or drop by my office.