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Prof. Dr. Andreas Bulling - Fachvortrag

Universität Ulm

Everyday Gaze Sensing and Analysis for Cognitive User Interfaces |

Vortrag am 5. 12. 2019 im Rahmen des Forschungskolloquiums 'Cognitive Systems'

Auf Einladung von Prof. Rukzio trägt Prof. Dr. Andreas Bulling, Universität Stuttgart, zum Thema Everyday Gaze Sensing and Analysis for Cognitive User Interfaces vor.

Abstract:  As human-computer interfaces become more sophisticated, they increasingly implement or imitate human perceptual, learning, and interactive skills. This gives rise to a new research area on cognitive user interfaces at the intersection of human-computer interaction, computer vision,  and machine learning. Human gaze is particularly promising for this new class of interfaces given its fundamental importance in human social communication, cognition, and intelligence and its close links to cognition and visual perception. However, current cognitive user interfaces only scratch the surface of the vast information contained in gaze, particularly in unconstrained daily-life settings. My research focuses on next-generation user interfaces that fully leverage human gaze to enable, support, and enhance human-machine interactions. In this talk I will present selected examples of my research towards this vision with a particular focus on computer vision methods for everyday gaze sensing as well as machine learning methods for gaze analysis and eye-based user modelling.

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