Advanced Image Synthesis

  • SWS: 3V + 1Ü   - 6 ECTS
  • prerequisites: Computer Graphics
  • the lecture will be offered in English


This is an advanced course on photo realistic image synthesis. The course will cover the theory of global illumination computations and will give an introduction to <city w:st="on"><place w:st="on">Monte Carlo</place></city> and Quasi-Monte Carlo methods as one way of solving the rendering equation. In addition, we will discuss surface appearance models, and their representation based on spherical harmonics or wavelets, leading to other photorealistic rendering techniques such as precomputed radiance transfer methods.

The topics covered in this course are:

  • Monte Carlo Integration and Simulation
  • Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods
  • Path Tracing and Bidirectional Path Tracing
  • Metropolis Sampling
  • Photon Mapping
  • Hierarchical Radiosity
  • Appearance Modeling
  • Spherical Harmonics and Wavelets
  • Precomputed Radiance Transfer (PRT)
  • Texture Synthesis


  • Students are required to register on this mailing list for the lecture.
  • First lecture on Thursday, April 23rd, O27/3211.


  • Weekly exercises (necessary for admission to final exam)
    • for the admission to the final exam you need to have
      1. an average of at least 50% of the points of all exercises.
      2. at least 30% of the points in each weakly exercise.
    • earning more than 80% of the exercise points will add a bonus of 0,3 on you final grade
    • exercises must be presented in exercise meetings
    • groups of maximally 2 students are allowed
  • Oral exam

Exercise Groups

Link to the script and exercises.

Room: 027/3211

Time: Tue, 10-12

Teaching Assistants

Manuel Finckh

Holger Dammertz

Sabrina Dammertz


Lecture Dates

Room: 027/3211


  • Thursday 14-16


  • Tuesday  10-12