• Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 15
  • Scheinvergabekriterien: Teilnahme an der gesamten Veranstaltung, Vortrag und Ausarbeitung
  • Anmeldeformalitäten: per E-Mail an Christian Fuchs


The seminar is covering topics in the field of structure, similarity and symmetry detection on 3D data, images and video. This field received a lot of intention in the research community during the last few years and produced a couple of very powerful algorithms that yield suprisingly "intelligent" results.

The goal of this seminar is to give an overview over this relatively novel field and to teach how to analyze and summarize a reasearch paper as well as to improve on presentation skills.



The first meeting will take place in the second week of the term, Monday,  April 27th in room O27/121. At this meeting we will determine the schedule of the seminar. Conflicts where multiple students compete for the same paper will be resolved based on the order of registration emails.

In the forth week (Monday,  May 11th) each student is supposed to give a 2 minute overview (fast forward) over the assigned paper. The students are supposed to be present at all meetings. At the end of term each student needs to hand in a summary in PDF-format. Grading will be done based on the presentation and the submitted summary.


Please read and prepare youself to answer questions about the following paper for the session on Monday 11th:

Fast Texture Synthesis using Tree-structured Vector Quantization [Wei & Levoy 2000].


Please hand in your summary (>=3 pages) no later than August 25!


Presentation Slides

Here you find slides that help reading, understanding and interpreting a research paper and to prepare and give decent talks. 


Here is an unordered list of tentative papers:


25.05.09Daniel SewtzMatching Local Self-Similarities across Images and Video
08.06.09Jenny JünemannRobust Global Registration
15.06.09Benjamin ReschDiscovering Structural Regularity in 3D Geometry
22.06.09Georg MühlbeierSymmetrization
06.07.09Pascal WillSummarizing Visual Data Using Bidirectional Similarity
13.07.09Alexander NassalSimilarity by Composition
20.07.09Markus DiboDetecting Irregularities in Images and Video


Date: Mo 15.45 (s.t.) - 17.45 Uhr

Room: 027/121


27.04.2009 16 ct, 027/121


Christian Fuchs