Media Informatics is a broad field spanning many research directions and topics. The Internet, Web 2.0, Social Networks, Ubiquitous Computing, Computer Graphics, Usability, Social Interactions, HCI, Privacy and Trust are just a few examples. This seminar aims to provide an overview and a closer look at research directions and current and future challenges that are focus of active research around the world and at our Institute.

Please submit your papers via ILIAS!


In order to successfully complete the seminar and receive a "Schein", the following requirements have to be fulfilled and will be equally weighted for grading:

  • Paper on a selected topic
    5-8 pages, German or English (English preferred, with support by advisers)
  • Presentation of paper
    20-25 minutes, plus discussion
    All presentations in a combined event at the end of the semester
  • Active participation
    Active participation in peer reviews and discussions


20.04.Topic Discussion and Assignment
27.04.Research and Latex Introduction
09.05.Paper Outline Submission
10.-14.05. Outline Discussion with adviser
20.06.Final Paper Submission
21.06.Assignment of reviews
04.07.Peer-Review Submission
05.-09.07.Discussion of changes with adviser
06.07.Introduction to proper presentations
18.07.Camera Ready Submission
19.-29.07.Slides Discussion with adviser (optional)
30.07./01.08.Mini Conference


The seminar topics include but are not limited to:

  • The Internet of Things
  • Privacy Implications and Solutions of RFID
  • Recent Advances in Biometric Identification
  • Privacy in Social Networks
  • Anonymous Content Publishing
  • Trust Management
  • Body Area Networks
  • WSNs: Recent Advances & Future Trends
  • Future Trends and Applications for MANETs
  • Connecting Ubiquitous Devices
  • Middleware for Ubiquitous Computing
  • Context Gathering in Smart Environments
  • Recent Trends in Indoor Localization Systems
  • Energy Harvesting for Future Mobile Devices
  • Smart Grid and Smart Meter
  • Logistic Mobility and Traffic Flow Simulations
  • Disaster Recovery Support
  • Affective Computing
  • Electronic Cash
  • Novel Technologies for Future Displays
  • Future Trends of User Input Devices
  • Augmented Reality Applications

Note that the list of topics is not final. Students are also encouraged to suggest further topics of interest.


next meeting:
30.07.2010, 9:00 h, O27/331
Mini Conference (Blockseminar)

2 SWS / 4 ECTS (LP)

Capacity: 12 students