In this lab course you will implement a real time graphics application using OpenGL and state of the art rendering techniques. Step by step you will build a simple graphics engine capable of running an automatically playing demo application using various graphics effects.


The course is divided into various tasks that have to be completed. You are free to choose your development platform but it must be capable of OpenGL with vertex and fragment shaders. The only supported platform is C/C++ using Linux.

Upon completion of each task you have to submit screen shots and short movie captures of your solution. Additionally you must be able to demo your program when all groups meet and explain your source code.

The lab will be worked on in teams of (at most) two students. There will be group meetings about every two weeks where you will show your videos and screen captures or live demos to the other teams. Additionally, you will be required to explain your source code and the maths behind the assignments individually.

To complete the lab, all assignments have to be passed. Time windows are given for each assignment separately.


Send your solutions of the exercises to benjamin dot steinert(uni ulm) or manuel dot finckh(uni ulm) before the deadline.

DateAssignment  Downloads
Wed, October 22Part 1Framework
Wed, November 5Part 2Data
Wed, November 19Part 3
Wed, December 10Part 4
Thu, Decemer 18Part 5
Wed, January 14Part 6
Wed, January 28Part 7


Dr.-Ing. Hendrik Lensch

Teaching Assistants

Holger Dammertz

Sabrina Dammertz


First meeting

15.10.2008, 17:00h, R 331