• SWS: 3V + 1Ü   - 6 ECTS
  • prerequisites: CS or Medieninformatik (Semester >= 5)
  • the lecture will be offered in English


This is an introductory course to computer graphics. The topics
covered in this course are:

  • Ray Tracing
  • Light Transport Simulation
  • Signal Processing
  • Colors and Perception
  • GPU Programming
  • Interaction
  • Images and Video
  • Modeling
  • Visualization


Written Exam

The exam is planned for February 25th ,14:00-16:00, room O28/1002


  • Weekly exercises (necessary for admission to final exam)
    • you can earn additional points (0.3) to your final grade if you reach
      • an average of at least 60% of the points of all exercises.
      • exercises must be presented in exercise meetings
    • groups of maximum 2 students are allowed
  • Written exam
    • the date of the exam will be announced soon

Exercise Groups

Link to the script and exercises.

The script will be available in the Uni Ulm Script System.  

Room: 331 (Institute of Media Informatics)

Time: weekly

Programming Course

The script (in german) and the exercises of the programming course we held on Wednesday, November 4 is now available here:



Teaching Assistants

Manuel Finckh

Johannes Hanika

Katharina Schwarz


Lecture Dates


  • Room: 028/1002
  • Time:
    • Monday 14-16
    • Thursday 14-16 (first half of term)


  • Room: 028/331
  • First Time: 10/27/2009
  • Time:
    • Tuesday 16-18 (Manuel Finckh)
    • Thursday 08-10 (Johannes Hanika)
    • Friday 10-12 (Katharina Schwarz)

Details to be found here.