Media Informatics is a broad field spanning many research directions and topics. The Internet, Web 2.0, Social Networks, Ubiquitous Computing, Computer Graphics, Usability, Social Interactions, HCI, and Privacy are just a few examples. This seminar aims to provide an overview and a closer look at research directions and current and future challenges that are focus of active research around the world and at our Institute.


In order to successfully complete the seminar and receive a "Schein", the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • Paper on a selected topic
    6-8 pages, German or English (English preferred with support by advisers)
  • Presentation of paper
    20-25 minutes, plus discussion
    All presentations in a combined event at the end of the semester
  • Active participation
    Active participation in peer reviews and discussions

Seminar Program

The full proceedings are available at the VTS server.

Single papers can only be downloaded from inside the university network.

Friday, February 12, 2010

9:00Welcome (Florian Schaub)
9:05Keynote I:
Privacy Policy Enforcement -
Solving the Privacy Problem of Ubiquitous Computing
Frank Kargl, University of Twente
9:30Keynote II:
Past, Presence, and Future of Ubiquitous Computing
Michael Weber, Ulm University

Session: Ubiquitous Computing
Chair: Bastian Könings

10:15Intelligent Environments (Timo Müller)
10:45Ambient Assisted Living (Nadhem Kachroudi)
11:15Coffee break
11:30Next Generation Location-based Services (Fabian Sulzbacher)
12:00Privacy in Video Surveillance (Raimar Wagner)

Lunch Break (12:30 - 13:30)

Session: Devices and Games
Chair: Elmar Schoch

13:30Ubiquitous Devices: History and Research Trends (Hendrik Burmann)
14:00Market-ready Ubiquitous Systems (Sven Reichel)
14:30Coffee break
14:45Pervasive Gaming (Rainer Mösle)
15:15Alternate Reality Games (Ferdinand Deger)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Session: Networking Trends
Chair: Björn Wiedersheim

10:00Bio-inspired Networking (Sebastian Schimmel)
10:30Whitespace Networking (Johannes Merx)
11:00Coffee break
11:15Cloud Computing (Benjamin Erb)
11:45Lunch orders
12:00The Future Vehicle (Sung-Eun Kang)

Lunch break (12:30 - 13:30)

Session: Social Interaction
Chair: Stefan Dietzel 

13:30The Crowdsourcing Phenomenon (Stefan Kaufmann)
14:00Peer to Peer Social Networks (David Langer)
14:30Coffee break
14:45Mobile Social Applications (Harry Brandenburg)
15:15Social Computing: An Overview (Manuel Deil)

Social Event (Meeting point: 16:45, Münsterplatz)


Conference date:
February 12/13, 2010, 

Combined seminar (Blockseminar) at the end of the semester.

2 SWS / 4 ECTS (LP)

Capacity: 16 students