• SWS: 3V + 1Ü   - 6 ECTS
  • prerequisites: CS or Medieninformatik (Semester >= 5)
  • the lecture will be offered in English


This is an introductory course to computer graphics. The topics
covered in this course are:

  • Ray Tracing
  • Light Transport Simulation
  • Signal Processing
  • Colors and Perception
  • GPU Programming
  • Interaction
  • Images and Video
  • Modeling
  • Visualization


  • Preparation meeting Thursday, March 10th, 14h ct, O27/331
  • The written exam will take place on Thursday, March 17th, 10:00-12:00 in room O28/1002. You have to register for this exam!
  • The lecture on Monday, December 6 will be held in room N24/251

Written Exam

There is a written exam for this course the date will be announced.


  • Weekly exercises 
    • you can earn additional points (0.3) to your final grade if you reach
      • an average of at least 60% of the points of all exercises.
      • exercises must be presented in exercise meetings
    • groups of maximum 2 students are allowed
  • Written exam
    • the date of the exam will be announced soon

Exercise Groups

Link at the script and exercises.

The script will be available in the Uni Ulm Script System.  

Programming Course

In case it is needed we might offer a mini-course in c/c++ programming.

See last year's information below.



Teaching Assistants

Manuel Finckh

Katharina Schwarz

Boris Ajdin

Lecture Dates


  • Room: 028/1002
  • Time:
    • Monday 14-16
    • Thursday 14-16 (first half of term)
  • Roomchange:
    •  Monday 6.12.: N24/251


  • Room: O28/331
  • First Time: 2/11/2010
  • Time:
    • Tuesday  10 - 12
    • Tuesday  16 - 18
    • Thursday 10 - 12

Details to be found here.