Projekt Deep Learning für selbstfahrendes Kraftfahrzeug / Project Deep Learning for Autonomous Cars

General Information

Winter 2019/20.

SWS: 4, ECTS: 6.

Available for master students.

The course will be conducted in English.


The aim of the project-course is to work on a deep learning topic on the context of autonomous driving. The students will learn to conduct research on a specific problem. After finishing the project, the students will be able to understand the problem, propose a solution and implement it as an algorithm. The students will also learn to evaluate and present their ideas and algorithms.


Background on machine learning, deep learning and programming is essential.

Participation to the course requires attendance to the preliminary meeting. 

The registration is performed through

The material of the course will be available at

For further questions on the course, the students may contact the lecturer.


  • 22.07.2019: There will be a preliminary meeting at the end of August. The exact date will be announced soon.
  • 29.07.2019: The Preliminary Meeting will take place on August 20 at 11:00am, at Besprechungsraum MRM (41.2.226). If you cannot participate on the meeting, please send me a motivation letter, explaining why you would like to joint the course.
  • 20.08.2019: There are still free slots. If you would like to join, send me a motivation letter, explaining why you would like to joint the course.


  • Coming Soon.


Jun.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Vasileios Belagiannis 
Raum: 41.2.214
Telefon: +49 (0)731 50 27004
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