Vorankündigung: International Symposium on Trauma Research at Ulm University 2017

Universität Ulm

22.-24. Februar 2017, im Rahmen der 50-Jahr Feiern der Universität Ulm

Trauma can hit everyone at any time from birth to death and represents a major global burden.

Who is at risk to develop complications after trauma? How do organs, cells and molecules react to the trauma impact? Which comorbidities are major disturbance factors for the healing process? These and many more burning questions will be addressed at this International Trauma Symposium. The principal investigators of the Ulm Trauma Research Consortium CRC1149 will present their latest exciting findings and discuss them with the audience. Furthermore, highly recognized international experts of the field will provide key note lectures introducing the multiple dimensions of the trauma response from the very basics to cutting-edge research. In conclusion, there will be an interactive podium discussion with clinicians and experts of the field to answer the question: how can we translate our research findings to a better trauma care? This meeting provides a superb opportunity to get insight in current concepts, challenges and opportunities in trauma research and management aiming to improve outcome for trauma patients.