Integrated Microwave Systems (SS, 2 L+1 T, 4 ECTS)


  • Elektrotechnik, M.Sc., elective module
  • Communications Technology, M.Sc., elective module


  • Basics of electromagnetic field theory
  • Knowledge of the content of the lectures „Einführung in die Hochfrequenztechnik“ or “Introduction to Microwave Engineering

  Lecture notes (access within university only)


Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Grabherr


Dr.-Ing. Tobias Chaloun


Dates and locations

Thursday, 14:00-17:00, 47.2.104

First date: 19. April 2018

Concerning the exercises

Exercises (access within university only)

Concerning the exams

The oral exam is offered in german or english and by agreement.