Research Trends in DataCentre Operation (SS 2018)

Learning Goals

This seminary persues two objectives. On the one hand, students shall be thoroughly educated in scientific workflow by utilizing a (shorted) cycle of problem analysis, literary research, personal contribution, publication and presentation in front of a professional audience.

On the other hand, working on a recent research topic in the area of datacenter operation prepares for a possible masterthesis.


To give students methodolical guidance, the seminary will start with an introduction to scientific working (literary research, publication writing, presentation techniques).

The creation of the elaboration and presentation will be done in close supervision. The results will be presented in a final presentation.


A list of topics is available on this page.

General Information

Information Resource Management

Basics in computernetworks and distributed systems

Masterstudiengang Informatik FSPO 2014 Seminar

Masterstudiengang Medieninformatik FSPO 2014 Seminar

Masterstudiengang Softwareengineering FSPO 2014 Seminar


V/Ü/P/S 0/0/0/2



No grading

27 April 2018

max 6

initial information session on 27 April 2018 at 13:00.

three more sessions throughout the semester. For details see moodle page (link below).

registration and material is available on the course's moodle page.