Annual Report 2006



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High-Radiance Optically Pumped Semiconductor Disk LasersFrank DemariaDownload (PDF)
Optical Coating for Disk LasersSteffen LorchDownload (PDF)
Polarization-Controlled Surface Grating VCSELs Under Unpolarized and Polarized Optical FeedbackJohannes Michael OstermannDownload (PDF)
Miniaturized Monolithically Integrated Transceiver Chips for Bidirectional Data Transmission over Graded-Index Glass Optical FiberMartin StachDownload (PDF)
Optical-Domain Four-Level Signal Generation by High-Density 2-D VCSEL ArraysHendrik RoscherDownload (PDF)
High-Performance Single Fundamental Mode AlGaAs VCSELs with Mode-Selective Mirror ReflectivitiesAndrea KronerDownload (PDF)
High-Performance AlGaAs-Based VCSELs Emitting in the 760 nm Wavelength RangeFernando RinaldiDownload (PDF)
Characterization of Strain-Compensated 980 nm Bottom-Emitting VCSELs Ihab KardoshDownload (PDF)
Cavity Optimization of Electrically Pumped VECSELs Wolfgang SchwarzDownload (PDF)
Integrated VCSEL Trap Arrays for Microfluidic Particle Separation and Sorting Andrea KronerDownload (PDF)
Oblong-Shaped VCSELs with Pre-Defined Mode Patterns Abdel-Sattar GadallahDownload (PDF)
A Simple Half-Duplex Optical Link Using Two Identical Fabry−Pérot Lasers at 1.55 µm Wavelength Philipp GerlachDownload (PDF)
Self-Separation of GaN Using In-Situ Deposited SiN as Separation Layer Peter BrücknerDownload (PDF)
Optimization of GaN Growth Conditions for Improved Device Performance Joachim HertkornDownload (PDF)
Properties of Semipolar GaInN/GaN Light Emitting Diodes on Selectively Grown GaN Stripes Thomas Wunderer
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MOVPE Growth of High Quality AlN Layers and Effects of Si-doping Sarad Bahadur ThapaDownload (PDF)
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Semester Projects
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