Annual Report 2007



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Compositional Profile of Graded VCSEL DBRsFernando RinaldiDownload (PDF)
Sensitivity of Surface Grating VCSELs to Externally Induced Anisotropic StrainJohannes Michael OstermannDownload (PDF)
Analysis of Higher-Order Mode Selection in Rectangular-Shaped VCSELsAbdel-Sattar GadallahDownload (PDF)
Intrapixel Health Monitoring by Coupled Spontanous Emission in Small-Pitch Flip-Chip-Bonded 10-GBit/s 2-D VCSEL ArraysHendrik RoscherDownload (PDF)
Full-Duplex Bidirectional Optical Data Transmission over 50µm-Core Graded-Index Multimode Fiber with Monolithically Integrated Transceiver ChipsMartin StachDownload (PDF)
Feedback-Dependent Threshold of Electrically Pumped VECSELsWolfgang SchwarzDownload (PDF)
Blue Light Emitting Electrically Pumped VECSELs with Optical Powers in the Milliwatt RangeIhab KardoshDownload (PDF)
Optical Particle Manipulation by Application-Specific Densely Packed VCSEL ArraysAndrea KronerDownload (PDF)
Si-doped GaN by Hydride Vapour-Phase-Epitaxy Using a Ga:Si-Solution as Doping SourceFrank LipskiDownload (PDF)
Highly Conductive Modulation-Doped Graded p-AlGaN/(AlN)/GaN Multi-HeterostructuresJoachim HertkornDownload (PDF)
Optimization of Semipolar GaInN/GaN Blue/Green Light Emitting Diodes on {1-101} GaN Side FacetsThomas WundererDownload (PDF)
Heteroepitaxial Growth of GaN on ZnO by MOVPESarad Bahadur ThapaDownload (PDF)
Studies of Si Doped AlN Layers for n-type Electrical ConductivitySarad Bahadur ThapaDownload (PDF)
Optically-Pumped Semiconductor Disk Lasers with Intracavity Second-Harmonic GenerationFrank DemariaDownload (PDF)
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