Seminar Talks Summer Term

Wednesday, 24.04.2002

Felix Mederer

Characterization of fibers

Eduardo Gomez

Diploma thesis presentation

Wednesday, 08.05.2002

Eckard Deichsel

980nm laser light in fibers

Irene Ecker

GaAsSb laser diodes

Wednesday, 15.05.2002

Hendrik Roscher

Diploma thesis presentation

Pavel Ivanov

Theoretical investigations of transverse modes in PCSEL

Wednesday, 22.05.2002

Martin Stach


Wednesday, 29.05.2002

Matthias Seyboth

InGaN-channels for FET-applications

Max Kicherer

Towards an Electrical VCSEL Model for Driver Design

Wednesday, 05.06.2002

Eckart Schiehlen

Frequency doubled optically pumped semiconductor disk laser with improved performance

Tony Albrecht

OPS Disklaser: Activities at OSRAM OS

Wednesday, 12.06.2002

Christoph Eichler

Thermal Resistance of GaN-Based Laser Diodes

Barbara Neubert

Etching of truncated cone shaped structures: are there alternative techniques for CAIBE-process?

Wednesday, 19.06.2002

Frank Habel

Defects in GaN

Markus Scherer


Wednesday, 26.06.2002

Michael Riedl


Thomas Knödl


Wednesday, 03.07.2002

Sven Silvius Schad

Towards larger efficiencies of tapered AlGaInP-based LEDs

Fernando Rinaldi

Introduction to MBE

Wednesday, 10.07.2002 (Room: 43.2.104)

Manfred Mundbrod

Semiconductor optical amplifiers: episode 3

Frank Demaria

Semiconductor optical amplifiers: episode 4

Wednesday, 17.07.2002 (Room: 43.2.104)

Steffen Lorch

Optical coatings

Friday, 13.09.2002 (Room: 45.2.101)

James O'Callaghan

Spatial Coherence of Gain-Tailored Broad-Area Lasers

Wednesday, 18.09.2002 (Room: 45.2.101)

Michael Furitsch

Charakterisierung auf InAlGaP-basierender Hochleistungs-Kantenemitter