Seminar Talks Summer Term

Wednesday, 25.04.2007

Demaria, Frank

Extended-cavity Surface Emitting Lasers

Wednesday, 30.05.2007

Stach, Martin

Monolithically integrated transceiver chips

Wednesday, 06.06.2007

Wahl, Dietmar

Transferability of MBE growth parameters

Wednesday, 13.06.2007

Kardosh, Ihab

Characterisation of electrically pumped VECSELs

Rinaldi, Fernando

The real VCSEL

Wednesday, 20.06.2007

Thapa, Sarad Bahadur

Heteroepitaxial Growth of GaN on ZnO by MOVPE

Brüninghoff, Stefanie (External)

Chip design for GaN-based Power-Laser

Wednesday, 27.06.2007

Wunderer, Thomas

Semipolar GaInN/GaN

Roscher, Hendrik


Wednesday, 04.07.2007

Gadallah, Abdel-Sattar

Challanges of Single-Higher Order Mode Oblong-Shaped VCSEL

Hertkorn, Joachim

P-type AlGaN/GaN Superlattices

Wednesday, 11.07.2007

Lipski, Frank


Kroner, Andrea

Basic Characterization of the New Oxidation System

Wednesday, 18.07.2007

Safonov, Ivan M.

Modification of MQW structures for efficient quantum transport

Brückner, Peter

Free-standing GaN substrates

Friday, 20.07.2007

Schwarz, Wolfgang

Influnece of feedback on voltage across VCSELs

Supper, Daniel (External)

Interlaced Relief Technology for 1310 nm VCSEL

Wednesday, 01.08.2007

Xu, HongChen (M.Sc. Communication Technology Student)

Investigations of RIE processing for the controlled characterisation of optoelectronic properties of nitride based devices (Masters Thesis)