Seminar Talks Summer Term

07.05.2014 Christian Röder
"Raman spectroscopic characterization of group III nitride semiconductors"
21.05.2014 Dominik Heinz
"Ga(In)N nanowires for sensing applications"
28.05.2014 Robert Leute
"GaN nanostripes for blue and green light emitters"
18.06.2014 Marian Caliebe
"Ongoing studies on the influence of sapphire miscut on (11-22) oriented GaN grown on pre-structured sapphire substrates and surface optimizations"
25.06.2014 Markus Daubenschüz
"Electro-thermal VCSEL simulation - A review of material parameters "
Junjun Wang
"LED evaluation"
09.07.2014 Tobias Meisch
"High Quality Semipolar (20-21) GaN on Patterned Sapphire Substrates"
Jahn-Philipp Ahl
"On the possibility to use quaternary Al(x)In(y)Ga(1-x-y)N for polarization engineering"
16.07.2014 Alexander Hein
"High-Power VECSELs"; canceled
Martin Klein
"Freestanding HVPE from prebowed sapphire templates"
23.07.2014 Sven Bader
"Monolithic Integration of a VCSEL and HPT"
Tobias Pusch
"Modification of the birefringence in vertical resonators for high frequency modulated laser diodes"


Markus Daubenschüz

Dates, Location

Tuesday 14:00-15:00

Room: 43.2.101