Seminar Talks Winter Term

Wednesday, 18.10.2006

Wahl, Dietmar

Growth of InAs Quantum Dots Assisted by Self-assembled Metallic Nanocluster

Wednesday, 25.10.2006

Safonov, Ivan M.

Lab Photonics: Interests and Abilities

Wednesday, 29.11.2006

Lipski, Frank

Measurement of piezoelectric fields in InGaN/GaN quantum wells by optical spectroscopy

Wednesday, 06.12.2006

Demaria, Frank

Optically Pumped Semiconductor Disc Lasers

Wednesday, 13.12.2006

1.Wunderer, Thomas

Semipolar GaN-LED

2.Riedl, Michael

Strain Compensated Semiconductor Disk Lasers and VCSELs

Wednesday, 20.12.2006

Hertkorn, Joachim

Vertical Conductivity in n-type AlGaN/GaN Superlattices

Wednesday, 17.01.2007

Stach, Martin

Monolithically Integrated Transceiver Chips

Wednesday, 24.01.2007

1.Kardosh, Ihab

Optimization of strain compensated bottom-emitting VCSELs

2.Rinaldi, Fernando

MBE Growth and Characterization of Quantum Well Pumped Disk Lasers and much more

Wednesday, 31.01.2007

1.Schwarz, Wolfgang

External cavity DBR mirrors by PECVD and feedback dependent threshold in VCSELs

2.Gadallah, Abdel-Sattar

Oblong-Shaped VCSELs with Pre-Defined Mode Patterns

Wednesday, 07.02.2007

1.Kroner, Andrea

Linear VCSEL Arrays for Particle Separation and Sorting

2.Thapa, Sarad Bahadur

Effect of Initial Growth Process and Si Incorporation on Structural and Spectroscopic Properties of AlN Grown by MOVPE

Wednesday, 14.02.2007

1.Brüninghoff, Stefanie (External)

GaN-based Power-Laser - Development of p-Contact

2.Brückner, Peter

Free Standing GaN Using SiN Interlayer

Special Seminar

Tuesday, 20.02.2007, Time: 11:00 hr.
Location: Library, Institute of Optoelectronics

Speaker: Dr. Elke Meissner (Fraunhofer Insitute of Integrated Systems and Device Technology)
Title: Überblick über die Eigenschaften von GaN-Substraten aus verschiedenen Herstellungsverfahren