Seminar Talks Winter Term

Wednesday, 31.10.2007
Stephan Schwaiger
Influence of Strain on Magnetic Anisotropy of GaMnAs
Wednesday, 07.11.2007
Prof. Dr. Daniel Hofstetter (Guest scientist from University of Neuchƒtel)
High frequency photovoltaic intersubband detectors in the near- and mid-infrared wavelength range.
Wednesday, 05.12.2007
Thomas Wunderer
Semipolar GaN-based Devices
Wolfgang Schwarz
Shrinking External Cavity Lasers
Wednesday, 09.01.2008
Joachim Hertkorn
AlGaN/AlN/GaN-Heterostructures: Experiment vs Simulation
Stefanie Brüninghoff (External Ph.D student from OSRAM)
InGaN Laser
Wednesday, 16.01.2008
Abdel-Sattar Gadallah
Higher order transverse mode selection in oblong-shaped VCSELs
Wednesday, 30.01.2008
Andrea Kroner
Optical Particle Manipulation in Microfluids
Wednesday, 06.02.2008
Frank Lipski
Sarad B. Thapa
Studies of Si doped AlN and AlN/AlGaN Heterostructure
Wednesday, 13.02.2008
Dietmar Wahl