Seminar Talks Winter Term

09.12.2014 Robert Leute
"GaN nanostructures for LED application"
Dominik Heinz
"Ga(In)N nanostructures for optical sensing"
13.01.2015 Markus Daubenschüz
(date shifted) "Electro-thermal VCSEL simulation - New Simulation Approach"
Junjun Wang
"IQE & CIE of polar/semipolar LEDs"
20.01.2015 Andreas Ziegler
"Optische und elektrische Untersuchungen an GaAs-basierten Phototransistoren" (Master thesis)
27.01.2015 Tobias Meisch
"Growth of semipolar GaN on patterned sapphire substrates"
Marian Caliebe
"Ongoing and planed studies on (11-22) oriented GaN"
03.02.2015 Sven Bader
"Optically Controlled Current Confinement"
Tobias Pusch
"Increasing the Birefringence in VCSEL with External Induced Strain"
10.02.2015 Martin Klein

"Growth of free-standing, semi-insulating

GaN by ferrocene doping in HVPE"

Alexander Hein
"High Power OPSDLs and Their Applications"


Markus Daubenschüz

Dates, Location

Tuesday 14:00-15:00

Room: 43.2.101