Seminar Talks Winter Term

08.12.2015 Marian Caliebe
"Influence of trench period and depth on MOVPE
grown (11-22) GaN on patterned r-plane sapphire substrates "
12.01.2016 Sukhjit Singh
"Investigations into Dynamic Photodiode Characteristics with Optical Heterodyning" (Master Thesis)
19.01.2016 Oliver Rettig
"Investigation of AlBGaN Structures for UV-Lightning"
Dominik Heinz
"GaN-based Optical Sensors"
26.01.2016 Sven Bader
"VCSEL with Optically Controlled Current Confinement"
Tobias Pusch
"Approaches for Birefringence Tuning in VCSELs"
02.02.2016 David Kern
"Untersuchung der Eigenschaften von
oberflächengeätzten Vertikallaserdioden" (Bachelor Arbeit)
09.02.2016 Sandra Riedmüller
"Investigations on Manufacturing and RF-characteristics
of GaN-based FETs"
Markus Daubenschüz
"Modelling of Optical Modes with Finite Differences"


Markus Daubenschüz

Dates, Location

Tuesday 14:00-15:00

Room: 43.2.101