Welcome to the Website of the
11th European VCSEL Day 2018 Workshop
in Ulm on April 12−13

The vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) business is booming more than ever. A record number of devices is being produced worldwide for traditional and young market segments. Time-of-flight sensing for gesture recognition and infrared illumination for 3-D imaging in smartphones are prominent examples. The 11th VCSEL Day provided a European forum to discuss the state of the art and present latest research results: novel device concepts, performance records, inexplicable effects, new application ideas – contributions on all VCSEL-related topics were most welcome!

General information

Venue: Lecture hall 45.1, University West Campus of Ulm University, Albert-Einstein-Allee 45, Ulm, Germany. A campus map is contained in the provided pdf files for the different hotels in the travel and hotel section below.

Contact: e-mail

VCSEL Day 2018 features

  • Professor Dr.-Ing. Michael Weber, the President of Ulm University, gave an inaugural address in the opening session.
  • Technical sessions with 50 % presentation time and 50 % discussion, e.g., 10 min + 10 min (in contrast to conferences with usual ratios of 12-to-3 or 15-to-5)
  • The presentations were not collected or distributed. No audio or video recordings were be made. It was voted if photos or videos may be taken during the sessions or not. Result: photos / videos ok
  • Printed and electronic copies of the workshop proceedings with the one-page abstracts were provided.
  • The program contained a poster session preceded by one-minute teaser presentations.
  • No workshop fee, registration was required
  • Catering, social: three coffee breaks, on-site lunch on Thursday, dinner in the city center of Ulm sponsored by Philips Photonics, light lunch after the closing on Friday


The final agenda can be downloaded here.


The proceedings of the workshop are available here. The required password was e-mailed to all participants.

Travel and hotel information

Ulm can be reached via four airports, namely Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt, and Memmingen, followed by a train ride. A number of rooms had been reserved in three hotels in the city center of Ulm. You can choose between two bus lines to arrive at the conference venue on the University West campus of Ulm University. Detailed information is provided here

VCSEL Day history

  1.  2008: Copenhagen, Denmark, May 21
  2.  2009: Gothenburg, Sweden, April 24
  3.  2010: Torino, Italy, May 07
  4.  2011: Toulouse, France, May 12−13
  5.  2012: Berlin, Germany, June 01
  6.  2013: Lausanne, Switzerland, May 31−June 01
  7.  2014: Rennes, France, May 22−23
  8.  2015: Lodz, Poland, May 29
  9.  2016: Darmstadt, Germany, June 03  
  10.  2017: Cardiff, UK, June 08−09
  11.  2018: Ulm, Germany, April 12−13

Organizing committee

Rainer Michalzik
Sven Bader
Vignesh Devaki Murugesan
Markus Miller
Tobias Pusch

Support team

Sükran Kilic
Susanne Menzel
as well as
Irene Lamparter
Rainer Blood
Rudolf Rösch
Markus Polanik
Steven El Bitar
Sebastian Scherübl

Dinner Sponsor